Earning 200k per month not OK for marriage? Guy blasts Nigerian girls

Earning 200k per month not OK for marriage? Guy blasts Nigerian girls
Following the viral topic that was discussed on social media last weekend where some ladies (and some guys) suggested that a bachelor earning 200,000 naira per month should not start a family, many people have reacted with their various opinions.

University of Aberdeen student Tosin Ayo wrote on the issue. His article caught my fancy so I decided to post it her for my dearies to decipher.

Here it goes:

Please, does N200,000 have another meaning? I mean is it 200 X N1000? Is the minimum wage no longer N18,000? How many Nigerians earn that much a month? Do private organizations pay that much a month? Does an ET in an old generation bank earn that a month these days when banks dismiss staff per second and hire semi-literates they pay on commission?

N200,000 is more than the salary of a Director in a state or Federal Ministry on GL 15. It is more than a newly employed University Lecturer’s monthly salary on CONUASS 3 step 1. It is more than the pension of most people who reached the peak of their career. That’s the annual salary of some hotel and bar tenders. This is why I find it shocking that some ladies find a Bachelor who earns that a month ineligible to marry them. Little wonder there are many unmarried people because of standards they don’t deserve.

In this state of acute joblessness and pervading unemployment, I am afraid to be a bearer of bad news, many ladies will die single because of standards they themselves cannot meet. So, 2. 4 million Naira per annum is too little a start up for an eligible husband for you when you don’t even earn a kobo? Is the capacity to earn cash gender-selective? How will guys not do yahoo plus and use you as ritual ingredients when your standard is unrealistic and cannot be legitimately realised? How many of your fathers earned N200,000 when they married your mother? Was your Dad driving a Range Rover Sport when he married your mum? I was not even on a specified salary when I got married. If you wait to do a great deal of good at once, you will remain miserably single. No one gets it figured out at once. If what we earn is the basis of our marital eligibility, many of us will die unmarried.

A home is no magic, it is built gradually. In any case, God’s blessings is not tied to the salary, it is a daily diary. We all spend more than our salary. Marriage is not a career upgrade app, If you want money, work for it, don’t marry for it. Nonsense and standards…