Dr. SID’s marriage to Simi Esiri reportedly heading down the drain

Nigerian singer and Mavin’s top act, Dr. SID is reportedly going through a tough time as his marriage has been reported to be on the verge of crashing.

According to reports, the Nigerian singer who has been married for three years to Simi Esiri may be heading towards splitsville after they were both last spotted together at the Femi Otedola’s daughter’s album music show case in October.

Reports indicate that the coiple are struggling to make their marriage work.

A source close to the couple told LIB that “they’ve been having issues for a very long time. it got so bad that Simi has had to move out of the house a couple of times.”

Dr. SID's marriage to Simi Esiri reportedly heading down the drainDr. SID's marriage to Simi Esiri reportedly heading down the drain

Investigation into the claim further revealed that the couple have unfollowed each other’s social media accounts as Simi, Dr. SID’s wife, no longer wears her ring as proven in a photo she shared online 3 days ago.

Simi has also deleted the wedding anniversary post she made in August on Instagram along with all her wedding photos.

The source added: “Dr Sid is really trying to make it work but Simi already has her mind made up.

“Sid even made sure to attend the Nickolodeon festival this past weekend so he could spend time with his daugther but Simi was giving him the cold shoulder all through’.

Dr. SID had in an interview with Spice in 2016 said: “I remember us quarrelling two days before our wedding and even threatening to pull out. But, our love for each other has kept us going. Right now, our marriage is on autopilot and we are just cruising because we understand each other absolutely.”