“Does God want me to stop love-making?”

"Does God want me to stop love-making?"
From a female blog reader: 

pls my story is kinda deep pls share, readers I need concrete advice.. Have been in a distance relationship for 5yrs now, the love and bond is Great… But of recent spiritually God came in different form to tell me to stop Fornication 2x in my dream, First I just saw Jesus in my dream he said stop Fornication, the second time he came in a form of my aunty and wrote same tin on a white sheet of paper n gave me….. He said we are like shit before God each time we fornicate…..few days ago I just stumbled upon a msg on ig on @nhncouture tlkn abt Sexual immorality d message was powerful nd just today I still stumble on a video speaking abt sex after marriage, Can this be God
There are people the Grace of God Covers sooooooo much dat no matter ur sin The Grace of God covers u cux grace has Found u…. But It is different wen God speaks to u and u neglect d end is deadly.. Personally i can wait and wantu STOP but I discussed it with my spouse and he said mayb God wants me to stop I felt he cud hav said *US*….. Have been crying cux I feel it’s gonna be difficult for him…
Do u all think this is enough reason for him to strt cheating??? Will he Stay???