“Did I do anything wrong by demanding 5k from my boyfriend?”

"Did I do anything wrong by demanding 5k from my boyfriend?"

From a female blog reader:

i’m 20yrs nd i have a very nice sister who gives me anything i want.She buys me expensive clothes and shoes and allows me to wear and share her expensive stuffs,she doesn’t complain @all. She does all this because she wants me to be independent in my own little way. I hardly collect anything from my bf since my sister takes good care of me already. My bf is a corper and he shows me off a lot,he even takes the credit for making me look good when we both know its my sister’s doing but i have never cared. Last week,my sister was robbed @the atm stand making it impossible to buy me the 15k sneakers she already deposited 10k for. She said i shld try nd get the 5k myself nd settle the lady so i decided to ask him for the money which i have never done,i have never asked him money to buy anything cos my sister buys me everything i need to be a big girl. Then he got angry and asked “where i wanna wear a shoe of 15 to?” i was embarrassed bcos he knows quiet alright that i wear expensive things and my sister never complains. He went on and talking about how my sister has made me feel higher than my standard,how she has made me not to get my priorities right and i found this insulting to my sister asif she doesn’t knw wat she’s doing by taking care of me. He said i should concentrate on my school and not material things,he painted me as materialistic just bcos i asked him for 5k which i didn’t force on him. He really lashed @me to the extent that i actually wondered if i did anything wrong,this is a guy i don’t ask for anything. I abused him nd stopped chatting with him hoping to get apologies the next day but till now,he hasn’t called or messaged me. I’m not planning on ever calling him if he doesn’t call me but i just wanna know if i did anything wrong.I don’t wanna tell my sister that’s why i brought it here. Pls i don’t want story oo,just tell me i did anything wrong in anyway.