Department For Citizenship And Immigration Approves USA And Canada VISA Lottery

passport3 300x150 - Department For Citizenship And Immigration Approves USA And Canada VISA Lottery

The immigration department is proud to announce about the approved Express Entry following the introduction of Electronic Travel Authorization to help in the application process in offering US and Canadian permanent residence(including work permit).

One of the hallmarks of the Canadian Immigration system, and Canadian Society as a whole, is that we value prospective immigrants like you and your family. We bring hardworking people into our country and reward them with Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) and permit to work.

For Canada Visa Applicants
Applicants who meet basic criteria, submit an online profile known as an expression of interest, under one of 3 federal Canada immigration programs or a participating provincial immigration program, to the Express Entry Pool.

General Applicants Immigration: Here, Skilled workers and professionals can qualify with this form:
Federal and Quebec Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee, Federal Self-Employed and Canadian Experience Class.

Business Immigration: Invest in your future by investing in Canada. This form is for the Federal and Quebec Investor, and Entrepreneur programs.

Family Sponsorship: Fill this form for family class sponsorship and input your details.

How to Apply for the U.S.A Visa Lottery 2018/2019
To apply for American VISA Lottery, we recommend you may first contact the American Embassy in your country to verify if your country qualified or you may check the official USA DV-Lottery website online for all the necessary information you may need.

USA Visa Lottery, Australia and Canada Visa Application 
There are different kinds of VISA you can apply for apart from 2018/2019 U.S.A VISA Lottery. Your type of application will depend on your circumstances, country and your specified purpose. It is pertinent you do not focus only on how to apply for the 2018/2019 U.S.A VISA Lottery since it is limited as just a country offers such a service.

Below is a List of Different Types of VISA issued by most countries but not Exhaustive;
Tourist VISA
Visitor VISA
Skilled worker VISA
Business VISA
Study VISA
Transit VISA
Diplomat VISA
Pilgrimage VISA

First Name
Last Name
 Phone number
To Submit Form: Submit application now via the link.

Applicants are to submit form using the link provided on website