DeKalb Man Held For S u c king Out Woman’s Uterus

DeKalb Man Held For S u c king Out Woman's UterusOn August 30th, a 27 year old man residing in DeKalb, IL was arrested for supposedly sucking the uterus out of a woman. The 26 year old woman whose name was not mentioned says that the man 27 year old Kyonne Boykin made her feel pleasures she never felt before.

After she went home she noticed that her uterus was missing and immediately called the DeKalb PD. When arresting Boykin Detective Smith of the DeKalb PD said he [Boykin] was wearing a white shirt with a tongue on it that said “I SNATCH SOULS” .

Boykin is being held at the DeKalb county jail on $100,000 bond. Detective Smith said Boykin is being questioned in a few other “soul snatching” cases.

Police reportedly recovered a bloodied meat (pictured) that looked like a human organ from the suspect’s drawer alongside two registered pistols. Smith says the exhibit will be taken to a lab to confirm if it is actually the woman’s missing uterus.

DeKalb Man Held For S u c king Out Woman's Uterus

Is THIS the woman’s missing organ? Well, you tell us.