Dear Buhari, please don’t release Nnamdi Kanu – social media user cries out

Dear Buhari, please don't release Nnamdi Kanu - social media user cries out

See what a social media user who lives in Port Harcourt and goes by the name “Emeka IpobExposed” wrote on social media:

First Of All My Name Is Emeka I am the person that said I will drink poison if Kanu is released but I want to make strong points. I am not Hausa or Yoruba like you bloggers do carry am the owner of this YouTube channel always exposing IPOB

You can see that am not Yoruba but Igbo. I have showed my ID I speak my language in all my videos. I want to make brief points.

I saw the news today and I have not being myself. Almost refused to eat.
Buhari has disappointed me if he should ever release Kanu.
Buhari has breached my trust. Buhari is a failure for now. What nonsense

I want the Nigeria government to remember something.

If I send hired killers to kill someone whether they kill or not I have committed a grievous crime
Nnamdi Kanu sent Igbos to kill Hausa men which everyone of you can see below.

I also want to remind the Liepod members that Nnamdi Kanu said that he will never come out of kuje until he is giving Biafra flag.
So is it not shameful to you that Nnamdi Kanu is coming out without your flag.

Why not expostulate. Tell him to go back to until your flag is out.

I want to remind Buhari how he was called a child rapist.

I want to remind Justice Binta how she was called Bingo Nkita on Radio Biafra.

And most importantly I want to remind IPOB how it is only PDP people like Fayose that is visiting.
I want to advice IPOBS to be wise. No matter how PDP uses u guys be wise.
Fani Kayode is PDP
Fayose is PDP.
Be wise with PDP u IPOB members stop praising them be wise. They are politicians.
In conclusion.

Buhari please Is there no way Nnamdi Kanu can go back to that Kuje.
A concerned Nigerian is asking.