David Beckham’s former bodyguard becomes homeless after his business collapsed

David Beckham's former bodyguard becomes homeless after his business collapsed

According to a report by Daily Mail, the bodyguard (pictured left) is staying at Heathrow Airport in London to survive after his business collapsed:

A homeless army veteran who worked as David Beckham’s bodyguard has been living inside Heathrow Airport for three weeks after he was inspired by the 2004 hit film, The Terminal. The 46 year old (pictured left at Heathrow Airport), who is using the name Simon Jones to protect his identity, decided to move in at the airport after being inspired by the Tom Hanks film, The Terminal. He has been living at the major international airport – the busiest in Europe – for nearly one month and decided to move there after remembering the hit 2004 film.

In Steven Spielberg’s comedy drama, Mr Hanks, 60, plays an eastern European man who becomes trapped at New York’s JFK airport (right). During his three-week stay at the airport, he has been living on food left by customers at cafes and is using the free wi-fi to look for jobs. The former member of the Parachute Regiment ended up living in the airport after his business collapsed.