Court papers reveal Johnny Depp spends £1.5m (N900m) every month

Latest findings reveal that “Pirates of The Caribbean” American actor Johnny Depp spends spends close to a billion naira monthly.
Court papers reveal Johnny Depp spends £1.5m (N900m) every month

According to the report by Daily Mail,

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-managers for £20million for mismanaging his earnings. But his excesses have been revealed in a counter lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by The Management Group (TMG) on Tuesday, with the firm describing him as a ‘voracious’ spender.

His ex-managers claim they repeatedly warned the 53-year-old his lavish lifestyle over the past two decades, which cost more than £1.5million a month to maintain, was leading him towards financial ruin but he chose to ignore their advice. They say Depp spends an astonishing £24,000 a month on wine, £238,600 a month maintaining a team of 40 staff and £159,000 a month on private planes.

Over recent years he is also said to have spent £8million on a massive art collection as well as 70 collectible guitars, and treated himself to a £14.3million 150ft luxury yacht -which was later bought by JK Rowling. In the court papers, his ex-managers claim they even warned him to get a pre-nuptial agreement before marrying actress Amber Heard in 2015.