Coup: Top military officers plotting to overthrow Buhari – militants

Coup: Top military officers plotting to overthrow Buhari - militants

The Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force (JNDLF), a militant group which claimed possession of missiles and threatened to bomb the presidential villa earlier this month has alleged that people in the Nigerian military are planning to overthrow president Muhammadu Buhari via a coup d’etat.

In a statement signed by the militants’ “Creek Network Coordinator”, Torunanaowei Latei , JNDLF said:

“Some top military men through their civil agents approached us to cause and continue the vandalization of the oil and gas pipelines in the Niger delta region so as to use as an excuse to take over the government from democracy to military rule in the country.

“We said no as such plan will not work and not in conformity with our genuine desire of agitation.The military want to disgrace him now and let him quickly look into the issues and make pronouncement for his administration to be in peace.

“Let president should analyze certain memo from the military concerning Niger delta region before taking action or otherwise the military will use that as a platform to remove him. We know the issue of Niger delta is political and we preferred political solution to resolve it but if the president refused.

“We received several calls unknown to persuade us to continue the bombing and that when succeeded in overthrowing the government we will be placed on a better position, we said capital NO!

“When asked of their names they are above Major General’s level. They refused to disclose their names but their intonations seem like yoruba and Hausa. Our agitation is not for selfish interest but for the overall benefit of the Niger delta region. “We’ll not kidnap any person, kill or hostage taking of any expatriate in the country but will continue our agitation with clear determination to actualize our course in Nigeria.”