Confused lady: It’s been 4 months and I still miss him

Confused lady: It's been 4 months and I still miss him

From a female blog reader:

My boyfriend and i, have been in a relationship for a year and half. Things have been going on smoothly with us and all though it was a long distance relationship, but he never for once made me feel like he wasn’t around cus we talk regularly and video call each other as well. He really took care of me and showed me so much love. But the problem is this he takes everything so serious, when I try to joke with him he will say i am rude and all. He keeps acting more matured than his age and we always have arguments on that issue. So nov last year we had a misunderstanding and i thought it was like the regular fight we always had. That was how he stopped taking my calls for almost a month. I couldn’t move on cus i was so much in love with him, and i believed he was in love with me too. When my mum called him he said he was treating my fuck up cus I disrespected him. I have begged and begged his friends too have. But yet he has not spoken to me. Even if he calls me we don’t talk like the way we use to, honestly i miss him cus i still love him. And i always think of moving on but its nt easy getting him out of my mind. Please i need ur advice should i move on with my life or jst still wait for him maybe he might change his mind towards me. It’s been over 4 months now since he stopped talking to me. I am confused. Thanks.