Confused lady: I was about to say “yes” before I made this huge discovery

Confused lady: I was about to say "yes" before I made this huge discoveryFrom a female blog reader:

Please I need advice, I’m a 23 year old with a masters degree, 2 years work experience living in Canada and running my company on the side, While in my last job early last year I met a guy who shares the office building with us but runs his company. We were instant friends and talk mates.(i didn’t feel any form of attraction). He’d tease me about liking me and il just laugh it off. Even the first time he attempted to kiss me I told him off and he backed off. After I left my job things changed we became closer than normal, he called me everyday, still does. The best thing about him is the mental connection I can’t over emphasize. We help each other in ways that we can. (It doesn’t feel one sided at all). One day while having our usual conversations we found out we are both AS genotype. we were at that point of kicking things off very seriously. It really shook us. And sad part is the last girl whom he dated and was going to marry ended too because of the same issue.
I’d wish to explain the connection and relationship between us but this message would be too long. We can’t have a future anymore (health reasons as stated above). And it’s sad to know that we have something good and it’ll end before it even begins. The more I see him or spend with him the deeper my feelings grow. And the friendship is very important because of the values we impact on each other. What should I do? How can I get over this. What steps should I take?