Confused girl: Should I marry a man I don’t love because I’m getting old?

Confused girl: Should I marry a man I don't love because I'm getting old?From a female blog reader:

I have really learnt a lot from your platform and I am still learning tho…bless up. Lemme go straight to the point, please conceal my identity. My issues is that for now I’m not into a relationship because most of the guys I like are either into a relationship or are not the serious type, while the ones that like me I don’t like in return, the feeling isn’t just there and I wouldn’t want to waste their time or mine venturing into a RELATIONSHIP with them …I’m not getting younger even if I look younger than my age … The guy on my neck right now I don’t feel anything for him but he’s ready too do everything he can to make me happy , just imagine going into a relationship that is one sided. Please what do you advice I should do …
Secondly tribe is also an issues with my parents they wouldn’t let me marry outside the igbo tribe ….. and the dude on my neck is benue but because he was born nd breed in lagos he’s claiming yoruba and also from ondo…. really I’m confused how do develop feelings and stop loving those that are in a relationship (I don’t want to be an hindrance to someone else’s relationship) or those that won’t even love me half the way I do ….biko help me