Challenges characterized my studies-UNN best student

 For Eke Ifeanyichukwu, it will best be described as a sacrifice worth it.

  He emerged the best graduating student in the 2015/2016 session, sporting a 4.83 CGPA.

   He says he had a whole lot of challenges while in school, his humble background not helping matters. In his words:

   “I had a whole lot of challenges. .

One of them was financial challenge. I am from a very humble background. We reside in Aba. I remember in my first and second years, I used to drink garri (cassava flakes) and eat Fibre active biscuit. It was a daily ration to me. I also used ropes as belts as a student. .

I remember then, I had few clothes. No shoes to where, only slippers. Having money to pay my fees was an issue. I stayed in the hostel from first year till I graduated. In my first year, I was having an eye challenge. Then, I would be seated in front of the classroom. .

Yet, I would not see what was written on the board. No money to go to the hospital for check up talk less of getting glasses. I had a D in a three unit load first year course. It was a motivational factor that spurred me into reading more.”

Challenges characterized my studies-UNN best student