Cardinal Onaiyekan: There is no sign that Nigeria has a president

Cardinal Onaiyekan: There is no sign that Nigeria has a president
The Catholic archbishop of Abuja, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, has berated Nigerian leader President Muhammadu Buhari for his inaction in the killing of over 800 during the Fulani herdsmen vs residents clashes in Southern Kaduna LGA of Kaduna State.

The Cardinal also criticized Buhari over the killing of at least 11 people by security forces at a rally held in Port Harcourt to celebrate the inauguration of USA president Donald Trump.

Cardinal Onaiyekan told newsmen:

“There is no sign that Nigeria has a president… the problem President Buhari has is that many Nigerians want to continue as they were doing before and they want everybody else to change, but not themselves.”

“If you all recall the incumbent president has a long history of a dictator, and never obeys court orders. He has not changed himself but wishes to change Nigeria.

“Democracy is all about the rule of law. Three times he has disobeyed court orders in less than a year in office. Disobedience to court orders by those who should protect and ensure its compliance slides the nation to anarchy.

“You don’t act illegally, and as an oppressor of the people and expect the people not to resist such illegality via peaceful non-violent resistant protests.

“It is wrong to kill unarmed protesters who dare to challenge your dictatorship. It is wrong to deny the wounded medical care by further going to the hospitals to arrest them.

“It is wrong to deny out-rightly the freedom of choice for a people to decide whether or not they wish to remain within a territory.”