Buhari promises to deliver on these three longstanding campaign promises

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, who some days ago revealed why is he not in a hurry to make decisions has promised Nigerians that he will deliver on his campaign promises.

The Nigerian President made this known while receiving the Board of Directors of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group at the State House.

Buhari in his speech noted that his administration is working hard and is focused on delivering on three of its promises to Nigerians.

The three promises includes the security of lives and properties of Nigerians, halting the pillage of the economy by corrupt public officials, and creating employment opportunities for the youths.

Buhari further noted that the recession which hit Nigeria had, plunging its economic prowess is already dwindling. He noted that the country’s economy is beginning to witness a better change of tide with evidence seen in the falling inflation rates, higher foreign reserve and better ranking on ease of doing business.

Buhari also thanked the Chinese government for its support in improving infrastructure in Nigeria.

“If you look critically into the 2018 budget, we have already taken into account key issues of more stable electricity, construction of roads and rails, and the airport concession.

“We send our gratitude to the Chinese for all their support to Nigeria. Since Independence, no country has helped our country on infrastructural development like the Chinese. In some projects, the Chinese help us with 85 per cent payment, and soft loans that span 20 years. No country has done that for us.”