Buhari didn’t need political godfathers to become president – Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung

The Nigerian Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, has stated that the Nigerian President ascended into office without the help of any political godfather.

The Sports Minister further blamed the woes the country is faced with on what he described as “urban gorillas”.

He stated that these ‘urban gorillas’ are in charge of the country’s political machinery

Solomon Dalung made his view known while addressing officials of the Permanent Mission, Nigeria House in New York.

He further stated that President Buhari needed no political godfather to win the 2015 election which saw him into office.

Dalung added that the victory which came for Buhari despite his lack of funds and other political backings formed a political revolution against ‘god-fatherism’ in the Nigerian political space.

He added: “There is hope for Nigeria. The victory of President Buhari, up till now, not many Nigerians have understood it; it was a political revolution.

“What it has brought is that you can contest and win election even when you do not have money.

“God-fatherism’ was instituted to control elected officials so that they would not go beyond control.

Dalung further added that ‘god-fatherism’ is a political servitude where you are tested to determine your loyalty as the godfathers believe nothing can be achieved without them.

He added: “The ‘Not too Young to Run’ is an advocacy that is sending strong signals to political lords that they had overstayed their welcome; either they give way or they will be forced out.”