Buhari did nothing even after I submitted pictures of slain 800 herdsmen – Emir Sanusi

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has said the Federal Government under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari failed to take action after he submitted photos of slain 800 herdsmen.

The Emir stated that the 800 slain herdsmen were victims of attacks which were carried out in Taraba State last year.

The Emir’s report comes hot on the heels of the recent attacks by Fulani herdsmen on several communities leading to the death of hundreds of persons.

Emir Sanusi in an interview with Punchng, further added that the killings in the Middle Belt were being perpetrated by both the herdsmen and the locals.

He stressed that the murder of the herdsmen was not being accurately reported and has therefore caused the misinformation of the public by painting a one-sided narrative.

He stated: “Some months ago in Mambilla, in one weekend, over 800 Fulani were murdered by Mambilla militias. The papers did not even go there to cover the story.

“In one case, a pregnant woman was killed, her stomach was ripped open and the baby was brought out and slaughtered. I personally handed over to the FG a dossier with the names and pictures of the 800 or so people slaughtered as well as the names and addresses of persons known to have participated in these acts of ethnic cleansing.

“Nothing has happened. I also ensured that authorities received video and audio evidence of senior politicians in Taraba State, who were involved in this act of genocide. No one has been arrested. .

“Fulanis were also murdered in Kajuru and Numan. In many of these cases it was not about conflict but militias raiding settlements to kill women and children, and then later, attacking herdsmen and slaughtering them and their cattle.

“The point I am making is that we are living in a country that has failed to protect the lives of people on all sides and bring culprits to book.”

Emir Sanusi further added: “Also in the case of the Fulani, there is a deliberate attempt to ‘ethnicise’ criminality, and politicians, who are total failures, have found the anti-Fulani rhetoric to be the way to get popularity.”