Britain Gets Minister For Loneliness Against Social Isolation

Britain has appointed for itself a “minister for loneliness”.

The post was created by the British Government in order to properly tackle the issue of modern public health problems associated with social isolation.

The British Government on Wednesday stated that it has appointed Tracey Crouch for the new post after recent research showed as many as one in ten people to be lonely “always or often.”

The research also showed that hundreds of thousands of elderly people hadn’t spoken to a friend or relative in the past month.

Crouch will however be holding the official title which reads Minister for Sport and Civil Society, and will use his office to devise a national strategy to tackle isolation across all ages, and find ways of measuring alienation in official statistics.

Crouch in his speech said: “We know that there is a real impact of social isolation and loneliness on people, on their physical and mental well-being but also on other aspects in society and we want to tackle this challenge.”