Boyfriend says he can’t marry me yet loves me, girl laments

Boyfriend says he can't marry me yet loves me, girl lamentsFrom a female blog reader:

Pls keep me anonymous..Good mawin….Good work here….m a 20 year old medical student.i started dating this guy in my second year , which i fell heads over heel for ….my boyfriend is a Very handsome guy nd a lovable person ,he was a great player wen we met nd he explained things to me Wch we both work together to mak things better,though I never allowed him have sex with me due to the fact dat I was a virgin ,buh I give him a hot romance ..he fr nysc nd started flirting with other girls which i overlook . nd he keep thretening me wif a break up dah he wants to travel out nd can’t keep up with d distance …d confusing thing is dah he says he is not ready to loose me ..buh wen I ask fr future plans he keep saying we can’t marry.he still calls everyday nd m finding it difficult to forget him, he tells me he loves me nd wouldn’t let me go, buh keep saying we can’t last beyond this yr …..i seem Confused on what to do …i want my Guy back .wah should i do