“Boyfriend cheats on me with married woman and this happens…”

"Boyfriend cheats on me with married woman and this happens..."

From a female blog reader:

I love your work, may God bless you, favor you, grant you wisdom and strength with knowledge.
My boyfriend is cheating on me with several women both in Nigeria and here in Malaysia even with a married woman by name TINA, this woman has four kids and is still legally married here in Malaysia, I have warn her several times but she wouldn’t stop, she keep threatening to deal with me if I get in her way, she can die for my boyfriend, she will do anything to make him happy, send him her almost nude pics and always log him in hotel for sex,i have several screenshot from my supposed boyfriend phone about this married woman and other women, my boyfriend sometimes beat me if his sugar mama report me to him or threaten to break up with him, I used to love him but now I just hate him and I am very angry and want send her husband all the screenshots,my supposed boyfriend provides everything for me, claim to love me and difficult to apologize even when I see the messages, he claims they are just normal message nothing intimate but the messages says otherwise,he says I can’t talk to any guy married or single because they want sex, he always shut me up when ever I want to speak my mind, insults me too. The married woman called Tina attend Citadel praise church international puchong beside Tesco in Malaysia, I have called her pastor and book appointment with him too so he can talk to her, Should I upload the screenshots on social media or send to the husband?.(yesterday Monday, my stupid boyfriend was with her all through in the hotel and the idiot married woman had the guts to call at 12midnight). please you all should beg Tina to leave him alone and advice what I should do with the screenshots.