The boy I like doesn’t know I exist, girl laments

The boy I like doesn't know I exist, girl lamentsFrom a female blog reader:

I never believed i could ever share my problem on this platform but am glad i did. i bumped into this guy on instagram suggested friend box and checked out his page (which is so unlike me) but after i did i followed him but he did not reciprocate but i find myself always looking foward to his next post and tend to view his stories every now and then and now am beginning to feel like am a stalker which is driving me nut because i think i like this guy very much and maybe it is mere infactuation that will fade away with time but the likeness keeps growing stronger by the day that i can no longer control it, i realize we both have some things in common but this guy those not even know i exist n the feeling is eating me up and i don’t know what to do about it. please i need an advise from the housemates…thank you