Bode George blasts Tinubu: FG needs to recover stolen assets from him

Bode George blasts Tinubu: FG needs to recover stolen assets from him

Lagos State politician and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bode George has blasted former governor of the state, Ahmed Tinubu, over corruption. George suggests that instead of the Nigeria to sell of its cherished properties like NLGN, Tinubu’s assets should be seized and auction off to generate Federal funds.

His words:

“The real enemy is the man that stole the city hall. The enemy is the Iragbiji upstart who seized the local government Secretariat at Glover street in Ikoyi.

“Our collective enemy is the greedy man who bought the old Nurses House, the Falomo shopping complex, the Lagos state Polytechnic property at Ojota, the stretches of acres at Lekki, the old Strabag yard at Alausa, the innumerable beach front properties long owned by the people of Lagos state, the billion naira Queen’s Drive mansion, the illegal Lekki Toll Gate, the First Nation Airline, the strings of media conglomerates, the Vault and Garden Cemetery, the vast Estates on the shores of Oniru beach , the endless choice hotels and high-rises, the shopping Mall in Ikeja and Lekki, and many great assets of our people this Iragbiji man has stolen with manic desperation. That is the real enemy we must chase back to Iraghiji.

“With all these crazy and bewildering acquisitions , it is obvious that this Iragbiji upstart suffers from a disease called AFFLUENZA. It is an incurable malady which makes the pathetic sufferer to pursue blind, greedy, desperate and infectious craving for acquisition after acquisition. Here, the demented sufferer can never stop the craving for unnecessary endless accumulation of wealth. He does not know what is enough. Here wealth is glorified in place of the Almighty God. This is the dreadful disease Tinubu is suffering from.

“Let us remove and dismantle the greedy contraption of Bola Tinubu from Lagos and the whole South West before the madness of the Iragbiji man corrupts the whole nation.”