Blog Reader Who Just Had A Strange Dream Needs Interpretation

Blog Reader Who Just Had A Strange Dream Needs Interpretation

OK, here’s what he/she sent to my e-mail:

After my breakfast this morning and reading a book, I decided to rest my head a bit and pass the day as usual. I put on my AC and lay down on my bed. One thing led to another and I fell asleep. While sleeping, I had this dream that I was in the house of this very wealthy man who lives just next to my compound in real life. Mind you, this wealthy man who lives close to my compound is extremely rich and in my view, he lacks nothing as far as wealth is concerned. This man has a lot of wealth that he doesn’t use the Nepa in my state. His Bug generator sets are on 24/7 year in and out. He is into construction, hotels, banking, oil and chains of other businesses. One may think that am exaggerating but this is the whole truth. While is his house, his police officers after searching me, told me that Their “Oga kpatata kpata” wants to see me. One of the officers led me to him and I met him in his parlour. People, come and see opulence….. I have never seen this kind of wealth in my life before. It was obvious that these man was in 3rd heaven!

The wealthy man now told me that he has been searching for someone that will oversee his businesses when he is not around and enforce discipline into his workers. But one that will do so with compassion and offer people a second chance in case they erred. He said that he has trusted a lot of people with this sensitive position before and they failed him. He also told me that why he invited me over was because of the fact that he has heard a lot of positive stuffs about me and that he has also heard me argue with his guards most times as he is passing by and that he is impressed by my intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. He conducted a mini interview with me and it was obvious that he was greatly impressed by my answers to all his questions. He now told me that he wants to employ me immediately and told me what my salary will be. He asked if I accepted and I said yes. It was so obvious that he was happy to have me in his company. He brought out a document about my employment and told me to sign. I signed and as he was about to sign….. I woke up….

This is exactly what happened this afternoon. This stuff was so real. Mind you, I have had dreams that I was flying, swimming, traveling, eating, fighting snakes, being pursued by armed robbers…… but I was not bothered by any of them because I usually saw them as my brain playing ludo with my mind. And to my knowledge, none of this bad things I have seen in dreams before has happened to me before…. At least not directly.

But this particular one was so real. In-fact at a time, I was half asleep and half awake but still in this same dream…… The “So Real” nature of it is what is bothering me.