Blog Reader Who Gave Her Boyfriend HIV Needs Help On How To Open Up

Blog Reader Who Gave Her Boyfriend HIV Needs Help On How To Open Up 

Dearies, read this narration by an NGLatest reader and kindly drop advice:

Pls I would like to remain anonymous

I really love this blog and I
ve been holding back a lot. Today I want to share a story about myself
and get advice from people.I am a student in one of this northern
university. I have an off and on bf whom I love so much. We practically
do everything together.

I am very active in bed and I love sex a lot. I even play with myself when I’m h.orny… And my bf know this too.

years back. Everything changed…. I stumbled on rich & wealthy men
that pay as much as $5000/$10,000 for sex. I tried it once and now I
even go looking and asking ladies about men that pay a lot of money for

I would say I have slept with over 150 men if I really seat down to count. But the money I get in return makes me not to bother.

have been so used to my boyfriend that we have sex all the time
without a condom. So when I am with other men, I do not like them using
condom because I don’t get that extra satisfaction. Most times when I
meet men and we start getting into it. I totally zone out and forget to
ask them to use a condom. If they cum inside me, I’ll sort myself out
later. Others that try or use a condom just makes me feel as if I have a
disease and the whole sex becomes boring to me.

This has been
going on for years and no problem what so ever. I travelled out of the
country just few weeks ago.. I got a call from my boyfriend telling me
he went for test and he is HIV positive…. That I must be the one that he
got it from… I was speechless.

My phone has been off all day. I cAnnot talk to him out of fear.

I have not gone to do a test and know my status!!! I’m scared as f.uck!

I’m doing, is trying to see who and who I mite have gotten this from.
All the money in the world and see what I ve to show for it!!! I’m in