Black Eyed Peas remakes “Where Is The Love” – because there’s so much violence in the world right now

Black Eyed Peas remakes "Where Is The Love" - because there's so much violence in the world right now

United States music group has remade their 2003 hit “”Where Is The Love” featuring Justin Timberlake, DJ Khaled, Usher Diddy, Cassie,The Game, Mary J. Blige, Nicole Scherzinger, Audra Day, Jessie J, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Randy Jackson, Wilmer Valderrama, Jamie Foxx, Vanessa Hudgens, Lance Bass, Connie Britton, Omarion, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa and LL Cool J, A$AP Rocky, Jaden Smith. Kendall Jenner, Tori Kelly, Shaun Ross, and Shailene Woodley. The song dropped on 2 September 2016.

Asked about the motive behind the new song, band leader Will.I.Am said:

“I remember when the attack in Paris happened, people would say ‘We need “Where Is The Love?” again.

“And then Belgium happened, and then Turkey, and then Orlando, and then Philando, and then Alton before him, and then Dallas. Everyone was calling on us like, ‘We need that song again.'”