Between Nnamdi Kanu and Adeboye: Who did this to Christians?

Between Nnamdi Kanu and Adeboye: Who did this to Christians?
Between Nnamdi Kanu and Adeboye: Who did this to Christians?
Killing of Christian woman Mrs. Bridget Agbahime in Kano State by radical headslammers for alleged blasphemy against Mohammed: Adeboye did not speak.
Beheading of Eunice Elisha, an RCCG deaconess and yoroba woman from his own church and tribe for spreading the word of God in Abuja by the same radical headslammers: Adeboye lost his voice.
Butchering of over 1000 Christians (including his church members) in Agatu by Jihadist Fulani herdsmen: Adeboye didn’t speak
Killing of thousands of Southern Kaduna Christians by the same Islamic Fulani herdsmen terrorists in 2017: Adeboye couldn’t still speak.
Recent killing of over 100 Christians by Fulani herdsmen in Plateau: Adeboye didn’t find it necessary to speak.
Constant abuse, torture, persecution and killing of Christians in Uzo-Uwani Enugu, Umuahia, Aba, St. Edmunds Nkpor massacre etc, Port Harcourt Trump rally attack, rape, forceful conversion and Islamic marriage of 13-year-old Christian Ese Oruru by Emir of Kano’s protege, forceful conversion, rape and Islamic marriage of 14-year-old Christian girl in Emir of Katsina’s palace, last week’s forceful Islamic conversion of Christian girl Hauwa Dadi in Emir of Gashua’s palace: Adebayo never bothered to speak.
Then suddenly, a radio presenter Freeze criticizes churchgoers for paying tithe and Adeboye, the ultimate “defender” and knight in shinning armor of Christians instantly swung into action, laying curses upon curses on Freeze for “persecuting” Christianity and Christians. Many Christians backed Adeboye, saying that Freeze is persecuting Christianity too. I’m like, “for real”, how’s that even possible?
In my state of shock, I remembered one man called Nnmadi Kanu, a pro-Biafra Republic agitator, leader and role model of millions of IPOB members and whom the Nigerian Army stormed his house to kill people and to steal bags of rice and plasma TV sometime in September.
I remembered how so many Christians hated Kanu even though he spoke against the persecution of Christians in Agatu, Enugu, Abuja, Onitsha and everywhere by the born-to-rule Fulani Islamic jihadist oligarchy.
I remembered how Kanu was hated even though he never requested for any sort of tithe from Christians whom he defended with his own life.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m a staunch Catholic and I don’t care whether you throw away 100% of your salary as tithe or not. Also, I know Kanu is Jewish but his policies and agitations were pro-Christian. They (policies) favored me as a young Igbo Catholic. Kanu’s theory favored me as a Southern Christian more than Adeboye’s private jet lifestyle and silence during persecution and killing of my fellow Christians. Kanu’s political battle made me feel better than Adeboye’s expensive schools which many fellow Christians can’t even afford.
Kanu spoke when Adeboye kept quite but because many Christians have been brainwashed by so called men of God, they’d rather support and worship a man who buys private jets, mansions and luxurious cars with their money than support a man who fights against their persecution free of charge.
Who did this to Christians?
Somtoo Okoye is a journalist and pro-Biafran businessman.