Basketball Wives Star, Jennifer Williams Begs For Restraining Order Against Ex

Basketball Wives’ star actress, Jennifer Williams, who exposed her ex-boyfriend, James ‘Tim’ Norman’s cheating ways to end 2017 has stated before a court that he has been stalking and following her since she ended things with him.

The actress who claimed abuse adding that ‘Tim’ has been violent causing her deathly scares has according to TMZ sought the court to grant her a restraining order against him.

The reality actress was reported to have presented her case in court on Monday where she pleaded for the domestic violence restraining order against Norman.

Jennifer before the court was reported to have said Norman is lying “purely to harass and stalk her and possibly to drum up attention for himself and his own television show.”

Jennifer further in the court documents said she did not slash Norman’s tires as claimed adding that she has a solid alibi as she was at a birthday brunch.

Jennifer further stated in the legal documents that Norman had in the past abused her adding that in September of 2016, Normal at a Drake concert verbally abused her and threatened to beat up a guy who was looking at her.

She further cited other instances to include one where Norman went on her phone, confronted her and threw the phone at her, calling her a lying bitch.

She added that Norman had in the past accused her of sleeping with other men.