Atiku shades Buhari: “Nigeria ended up with accidental leadership”

Atiku shades Buhari: "Nigeria ended up with accidental leadership"

Former vice president of Nigeria Abubakar Atiku has asked president Muhammed Buhari to deal with militancy in the Niger Delta with great precaution and care. He also appears to have shaded the 73-year-old former military dictator whom both were contestants of the APC presidential primaries before Buhari won, referring to his regime as an “accidental leadership.”

Said Atiku:

“I think the Niger Delta should be handled with a stick and carrot approach. In 2007, before I ran for president, I met with various stakeholders on the Niger Delta issue and they came up with a policy.

“If I had won, I would have sold 10 per cent shares in the NNPC; that will give me 20 billion dollars which would build infrastructure for the Niger Delta but we will always end up with accidental leadership.

“He promised to look into issues like power, insurgency, unemployment, corruption and diversification and if you are to take two out of five, you can give him a pass mark. He has dealt with corruption and with Boko Haram. For power, give him time.”