At 21, my mum says I can’t have a boyfriend – young lady laments over suicidal ordeal

At 21, my mum says I can't have a boyfriend - young lady laments over suicidal ordeal

This blog reader needs help on depression she’s currently suffering after her mum ordered her to leave her boyfriend.

Her story goes thus:

I happened to live and grow with my mom cus my father has always been busy with business. My mom is a very strict woman, my siblings and i lived a ‘from school to house, from house to church and back to house’ kinda life. We are not allowed to mingle or explore life. Luckily sha i left the country to meet my older sister who is married but when i got there i couldn’t make friends bcus i was used to the lonely lifestyle and then depression set in. About two years later sha i met a guy and i found love and a friend in him.

We started dating and he disvirgined me in d process, i must confess i found happiness in him but My problem now is that my mom keeps complaining that i should not have a boyfriend yet at 21 and she told my sister not to let me go out anymore and that i should always remain indoor. So my sister wouldn’t let me go anywhere than my place of work, she sets a time for me to return. And i keep having suicide thought whenever i am indoor, life is getting more boring by the day. So I ran off to my bf’s house but he insist i return to my sis cus he wouldnt wanna turn me against my mom!

Now my mom insists i return to Nigeria so as to continue my education but i need your advice on how to let my mom know i have my own life to live and to let her see how boredom and depression is killing me.