Army: How we tracked & arrested “wanted” journalist Salkida Ahmed

Army: How we tracked & arrested "wanted" journalist Salkida Ahmed
Authorities have given insights towards the procedures that led to the arrest of Salkida Ahmed, a journalist who was declared wanted by the Nigerian Army following Boko Haram’s release of propaganda video via his social accounts. The arrest happened on 5th September 2016 shortly after Salkida arrived Nigeria from Dubai, UAE.

A top Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) official who spoke to The Nation newspapers said:

“After he was declared wanted by the Army, Salkida approached our mission in the UAE for the renewal of his passport to return to Nigeria to prove his innocence.

“But based on security reasons, we said we can only oblige him ETC and he should come home to get a new travelling document.

“We also knew that his residence permit in the UAE had expired and we collaborated with relevant agencies to ensure that it is not renewed. We wielded diplomatic influence to prevent him from seeking political asylum under any guise.

“On Sunday, Salkida was granted the ETC by our Embassy to come home and we started tracking his movement from the UAE.

“Upon arrival on the Emirates flight, he was arrested by the DSS, having been watch-listed by the Army.”

In addition, an Army source reportedly told The Nation:

“The arrival of Salkida will enable the military and other security agencies to probe how Boko Haram has been releasing video clips and the whereabouts of the Chibok girls.

“We may also invite more people suspected to be working in concert with Salkida. Certainly, it is going to be a comprehensive investigation.

“All I can assure you is that we will carry out this probe in line with international best practices. We will accord the journalist his rights as much as possible under the law.

“We will also confront him with intelligence at our disposal too in order to enable him to respond to our enquiries.”