“Are we too young for a sexual relationship?”

"Are we too young for a sexual relationship?"

From a female blog reader:

So I met my girlfriend  last year around october and we started dating after sometime of being friends with her, I was the first guy she ever dated and her first. We had sex sometime early this year and from the looks of things, she loves it and I’ve always tried my best to keep her satisfied, am an architect and presently waiting to be mobilized for service tho working in a lucrative construction firm. She’s 19 and am 22 and she’s currently doing her IT. She left for IT to Delta state since that’s where she’s from and reside tho she schools in the same town as as me. Everyone in my family loves her and knows we are dating, she decided to tell her own parents about us and from the looks of things, her dad has been telling her that I don’t look like a serious type and has been advising her to breakup with me and this has always been a problem, I love this girl so so much. Tho every other week her family members love me a lot including her mum. Now she’s  presently in Delta doing her IT. Turns out each time her parents talk to her about sex, she always feeling guilty and all cz she has actually had sex with me and it disturbs her conscience a lot. Now the problem is, she doesn’t know if she should tell her parents about it. I don’t want her to cz it’s gonna be a real disaster since we are very devout Christians. She says each time she sees me it reminds her of the times we had sex and this disturbs her. So out of the blue she decided we should go on a one week break and see if it works. During the break, she’s been hanging out with this her friend(a guy) a lot and am very worried cz the guy keeps buying her very expensive things and she’s keeping it all from me.. I knew all this through my best friend cz she tells him almost everything. Guys, should I just remain hopeful that things will get back to being normal after the break? Or should I go ahead with my life and stop disturbing myself? Could she be cheating on me with this guy?
‎Already emailed you guys… please help post this asap as I’ll need your advice real quick on this… thanks