“Am I Impotent Or Is My Manhood Deceiving Me?”

"Am I Impotent Or Is My Manhood Deceiving Me?" 

A male NGLatest reader needs advice on his romantic life:

Hello people,

This might sound funny to you but I’m so much depressed over here.

girl and I just started dating some few weeks ago, today she came to my
house, though I wasn’t in the mood but I just felt this is my chance to
bid Farewell to my virginity forever…

After the initial
romance, I stripped her to the bone, got a whole view of her anatomy,
yet my Pman refused to say hi to this stranger no matter how hard I
tried. I had to do away with the CD as I’m not used to it, as, like I
said, I’m still a virgin; yet no bulge.

My questions are:
Is it that I’m not sexually attracted to her?
Or does my virginity had a part to play?

fact that I’ve been having some stimulus when hugging my female
friends, but my kini refused to do same when I actually wanna eat this
Apple leaves me more perplexed and suicidal…

Any explanation?