“Am I his side chick or what?”

"Am I his side chick or what?"

From a female blog reader:

Please hide my identity.I am a 400level student studying a 5year course I met my current bf in my year1 den he was doin he’s masters I didn’t accept him until my 300level last year cause I felt he just wanted to use me cos I had nothing to offer him then,he was adamant so I decided to date him he cried on he’s knees severally and was very nice to me all my frnds liked him nd asked me to give him a try,he’s currently a banker now, things have bn going smoothly despite d fact DT he is a banker we talk over d phone well chat and see weekends not until earlier D’s year I noticed dere was D’s particular girl who just graduated from law skool searched hs phone and saw love msgs asked him and he said she jokingly said she was my rival and for d years I did shakara she was dere for me but he is nt rily into her.But then smtn happened a frnd of hz was to get married I was invited but he said I wnt go that he didn’t HV money to buy asoebi dt twas expensive I said no p I wud attend like that without d clothe he stl didnt agree came up wit excuses only for me to later find out he attended with d girl who isn’t even based in Lagos but smhw she came was mad he’s frnds uploaded the pictures on fb cos dey all no me he said twas ntn srz and he didn’t even no abt d upload cos he was currently offline .he said he didnt want any drama that d bride invited d girl dey were frnds and he knws wud be somehow me coming too, that past but iv never bn comfy with d lady.slowly our rltnshp wasn’t so nice as before he wudnt call for two weeks gives excuses of workn during dt BVN period and all dn I was bck in skool and he hardly evn sends me money but I stil wudnt complain until m rily broke.My major issue nw is he has been tlkn about marriage for almost a year now telln me he loves me wana marry but dsnt no if he can wait me to graduate since am not ready and am like all D’s years didn’t he know I was a student iv only met he’s friends dad and one of his sibling out of 4 me evn tho yea I love him too but I bliv relationship shudnt be built like ds he dsnt give me much attention and whenever I wanna breakup he just wudnt wnt and wud beg me he even gave me a surprise visit in my lodge