“Am I abnormal? I self-service a lot”

"Am I abnormal? I self-service a lot"

From a female blog reader:

My story is not a very interesting one but I need advise since I don’t have friends. I finger myself a lot, even in public. Am just use to putting my fingers into my panties and smelling it. It has become a very bad and irritating habit I don’t like. I do this both at work, I just put my hands under my table and be fingering my self and smelling it. Sometimes I go to the rest room, sometimes I go to my car,I even do it before I go to bed and my room will now be smelling ass ass.
I have complained to my doctor and done several check ups but I keep doing it.
It is not like my womanhood smells,it’s just a stinking habit I don’t know how to stop.
During love making sometimes with some of my man friends, I beg them to finger me and smell it, I just love it.
I need help.
Do you all feel it’s abnormal or spiritual?
Or does any body have such habit like me too, please speak out I need to know am not alone .