Alleged husband killer, Maryam Sanda denies throwing birthday party for daughter after bail

Alleged husband killer, Maryam Sanda denies throwing birthday party for daughter after bail

Alleged husband killer, Maryam Sanda, whose daughter’s birthday photos surfaced online a day after she was granted bail on health reasons in the ongoing murder case against her has denied throwing a birthday party for her daughter.

Coming after the photos surfaced online causing rage amongst Nigerians especially as her case was still pending in court, Maryam Sanda in a statement released has denied throwing the lavish birthday party.

The statement released to the effect on Monday in Abuja by Aisha Sanda stated: “Due to recent events regarding the celebration of an innocent child’s first birthday, we her maternal family have decided to speak out because of what we consider a calculated and malicious effort by certain quarters to ruin the happiness of an innocent child just to destroy her mother.”

The statement further added: “Let us start by saying that the pictures shared on social media of Maryam Sanda and her beautiful daughter Aleesha which were claimed to have been taken on Aleesha’s birthday is false. Just by mere comparison of recent and old pictures of the little girl, it will become apparent that Aleesha was a lot younger at the time when the picture was taken. (For the purpose of clarity, the picture in question was taken on the 8th of July, 2017 when Aleesha was only 5 months old as it is our family tradition to take her pictures every month). We have attached the photos showing dates from the studio with a time stamp.

“On the 8th of March, 2018, Aleesha turned 1, and her maternal grandmother (our mom) considered it necessary and in the best interest of the innocent child to organize a photo-shoot for her (especially as Aleesha had not had her traditional monthly photo-shoot ever since the incident that befell her family).

“The picture of Aleesha with cake and balloons which subsequently emerged on social media was a photo-shoot and not a birthday party as was falsely reported by various blogs and media houses. This photo-shoot happened while her mother was on bed rest and only as to have something to remember her first year in this world, hence, you will not find any picture of Aleesha with anyone (not even her own mother) on that day.”

Recall that Maryam Sanda had been accused of killing her husband, Bilyamin Bello, at their Abuja residence and is standing trial for the alleged murder of her husband.