7 things broke guys without girlfriends do to survive in Nigeria

7 things broke guys without girlfriends do to survive in Nigeria
This article was not written by Somtoo Okoye blog. This is from blog reader WotzupNG.


7 Ways Poor Guys Survive Without A Girlfriend

1. Alcohol
They console themselves with cheap alcoholic drinks like Sepe and Paraga and are always seen at various weed joints. Little do they know that drinking alcohol doesn’t relieve them of their misery but adds more to it cos they become seriously Hot as soon as they get high on liquor. In order to cure the urge, they get led to the below place.
2. Ashewo house
Patronizing cheap Oloshos is their hobby. They don’t mind the stretch marks and bleached skin of the prostitutes. They can’t mind cos they get drunk and too high to notice such blemishes. If you are a girl reading this, Pls try to date a poor guy so as to help reduce the rate at which boys visit cheap brothels. Abeg, dump your rich boyfriend now and go look for a broke boy to epp. You will be rewarded.
3. Toast “Ugly” girls
The guys that do this have totally written themselves off. Why would a very handsome guy chose to chase after a girl way below his standard? It’s all because the girls he truly has taste for are too demanding and expensive that’s why he settles for less. They don’t mind dating a house help or a dirty stark illiterate so long sex is in the offing. Such guys be like…”Abeg…hole na hole”.
4. Talk bad about girls
Poor guys are always saying bad things about girls. To them, every beautiful girl is a runz girl simply because those girls class themselves beyond their reach. Badmouthing girls gives them a temporary pleasure. They hate it when a girl prefers a rich yahoo boy over them. They earnestly wait for when the yahoo boy will dump her so that they can laugh at her.
5. Download porn
Many poor boys are porn addicts. Their favourite website is ***** where they download so much sex videos from. It’s only a broke boy that can be a porn lover, cos a rich dude will rather get a girl to practice with, instead of watching other people doing what he should be doing. Konji na bastard.
6. Sports betting
Blessed are the hustlers for they shall reap the fruit of their labour. To end their miserable condition, they engage in sports betting. The worse part is that they never place any reasonable money on a bet. It’s always N100 whilst expecting to win over a million. Mugu.
7. Abeg, add your own. Abi you no be poor boy?