40 Days After Wedding: Woman Files For Divorce Over Sharwama Sandwich

A woman has approached a court some days after her wedding seeking its dissolution because she claimed her husband has been stingy through their period together.

The 30 year old woman was reported to have filed for divorce from her 32-year-old husband after 40 days in marriage.

According to the woman whose case is being tried before a Family Court in Zananiri, Egypt, her husband is “so stingy” that he has refused to buy her a shawarma sandwich.

Presenting the case before teh court, the woman, Sameeha, revealed that the shawarma incident was the last straw which initiated her divorce plea.

She had married her man, Ahmed, who is a teacher, 40 days prior to the case and was reported to have known him for only two months before the couple agreed to a wedding.
Speaking before the court, she said: “My husband is too stingy to even speak; when I ask him to talk to me, I end up talking to myself most of the time.”

She further revealed that he denied taking her out for a drink even after she begged him for fresh air.

She added: “He accused me of using him to order sandwiches and juice in one day.”

“When my husband refused to buy me the shawarma sandwich, I was angry, and he continued to blame me while we were in the car, calling me a hypocrite and saying that going out had been a mistake.”