"30 armed robbers ran away after seeing pic of Bishop Oyedepo": Freeze reacts

"30 armed robbers ran away after seeing pic of Bishop Oyedepo":  Freeze reacts

Controversial OAP Freeze has reacted to the story posted by Winners Chapel on their Facebook page today, citing that a 30-man armed robbery gang ran for their lives when they sighted a picture of general overseer David Oyedepo on their victim.

Freeze wrote,

Dear colonial masters, is it not too early in the year to start this? Oh….. My bad…. This is the month of January…. The month where sheeple are supposed to bring their entire salary to men of God…. Hmmm
I hereby appeal to these ‘men of God’, to stop being the Pharaohs of our time, holding the minds of innocent people captive…

Dear PAPA, it still amazes me that despite former president Jonathan’s frequent visits to your temple and seeing this same face of yours, he still lost the election… Maybe in retrospect, your picture should have been displayed instead of his, so people would have voted otherwise!

I remember you once introduced him, saying; “Please join me in welcoming Mr President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as he brings us a word from the LORD” which can be heard clearly in the video provided, available on YouTube, as released by your own church.

Instead of Nigerians seeing that as a counter testimony, rather they choose to believe the account of an 87 year old woman who no one knows… It’s really unfair what has been done to the minds of these poor citizens and I implore you, to kindly set them free sir, as the onus is upon you to preach only the truth! ~FRZ