2017 budget: Buhari budgets N188m sitting down allowance – report

2017 budget: Buhari budgets N188m sitting down allowance - reportThe 2017 budget is becoming by far one of the greatest masterpieces of corruption in Nigeria’s democratic era. The shit storm 1810 page document clearly shows.

There have been jamboree allowances for the President and for his Aso Rock officials without practically anybody noticing the nightmare. The N43bn budgeted for the State House (Aso Rock) in 2017 is almost double the amount that was budgeted by the last administration in 2015 (N23bn). The President is paying himself N188 million in “sitting allowances” this year.

Over a billion has been now been budgeted for car allowances since 2016 (2016 & 2017) as against N0.00 in 2015. “Electricity Charges” for the State House (Aso Rock complex) have been hiked a whopping nine times. The budget for “Sewage charges” has been increased over ten folds; residential rent has been increased by 85%; the office of the Chief Security Officer to the President now has a N133 million budget unlike no budget allocations before and an extra N5 billion has been allocated this year for the rehabilitation/repair of the Aso Rock premises as if the building has collapsed.

Calling a spade a spade, this is by far one of the greatest budgets of corruption– an acute masterpiece of evil on a people who bestowed unprecedented public trust on the government for her lovely songs of waste elimination, personnel integrity and a coming anti-corruption war.

The government is corrupt. There is no need rephrasing this. It’s been two years and its honeymoon is over. Here are a few details of the shit storm it presented as a budget:

  • State House Budget (Aso Rock)
  • 2015: 23,465,865,117 (N23bn)
  • 2017: 42,917,666,214 (N43bn) an extra N20bn.
  • President’s Sitting Allowance: N188 million


  • Other sitting allowances/Honorarium (Aso Rock Officials)
  • 2015: 174,471,371
  • 2017: 556,592,736


  • “Sewage Charges” (Aso Rock):
  • 2015: 4,957,143
  • 2017: 52,820,000


  • “Electricity Charges” (Aso Rock):
  • 2015: 45,332,433
  • 2017: 319,625,753


  • Rehabilitation/Repairs (State House building):
  • 2016: 642,568,122 (N0.6bn)
  • 2017: 5,625,725,757 (N5.6bn)


  • Motor Vehicles (Aso Rock):
  • 2015: Nothing
  • 2016:  (877,015,000)
  • 2017: 197,000,000  A cumulative N1bn by the new admin!


  • Cost of preparing the budget: N5.42bn


  • Budget of the Chief Security Officer:
  • 1999-2015: N0.00
  • 2016: N25 million
  • 2017: N133 million (a 432% hike)

That’s the trend of the entire budget. The sub-budgetary figures of the EFCC, Bureau of Public Procurement, National Emergency Management Agency and many others likewise show hiked budgetary figures for the same routine expenditures they annually incur, some by as much as 300% to 400%.

The irascibility in this shit storm called a budget seems to have speared no office from top to bottom, and for many clamouring for an #OpenNass there may be just much more to the country than meets the eye. What is most worrisome is that the section in the budget under which the state of projects was earmarked (as “New” or “Ongoing”) has been removed, making it harder to find out if the projects proposed in a new budget have been budgeted for in the past or not. That explains the reason why the National Emergency Management Agency has requested anew for “the construction of an office building N374 million” (374,473,456), an amount for which it had already been granted in the 2016 budget and which the lawmakers may or may not have known.

Source: nigerian-economist.com