1st October: National Hypocrisy Day, Nnamdi Nonso writes

1st October: National Hypocrisy Day, Nnamdi Nonso writes

Nnamdi Nonso is a political critic. On the 56th Independence Day celebration of Nigeria, he addresses the hypocritic attitude of Nigerian leaders and masses alike towards achieving a sustainable society for the next generation.

Nnamdi Nonso writes:

1st October: National Hypocrisy Day
Every first of October we (Nigerians) celebrate independence day. But do we actually take a break to reflect on what we are celebrating? Is it the fact that one dollar is almost 500 naira, or the poor state of our infrastructure, or the religious terrorism in the North or the Militancy in the south, or the high level of poverty in a country potentially rich, or the high level of corruption in a highly religious country, or the fact that the country’s economy is in a recession and the country is so broke to the extent we are contemplating selling our national assets. 56 years of “Independence” with nothing to show but a flag and National anthem.

When issues like this come up, the first reaction of an average Nigerian, is to blame the leaders. In as much as the leaders have a great share of the blame, the followers also have a share in the blame. These so called leaders, thrive on the division and carelessness of the followers.

Therefore, until we see ourselves as Nigerians first before being Christian or Muslim, Before being Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, before being APC or PDP. We will continue to tell same story every year. If we are not going to truly unite, then let us stop wasting our time and disintegrate, if not, Its high time Nigerians stop being hypocrites and pretenders, and rather declare 1st October a National day of mourning and regret rather than celebrating independence, because there is really nothing of worth to celebrate, but there is a whole lot to cry about.