“Why is it that most of the time, women take the blame in relationships?”

"Why is it that most of the time, women take the blame in relationships?"

From a female blog reader:

I check your page to laugh and forget my worries. Your readers are awesome, both rational and irrational ones.
Well, this is my question, why is it that most of the time, women tend to take the blame in relationships forgetting that it is both the responsibility of a man and a woman to hold the relationship, yes, the woman plays a major part but are we supposed to remain fools for all of the saying” it is a man’s world?” I find it difficult to comprehend and I ask, where are the words of the Bible when men push the blame and not carrying out their own responsibilities as expected?
I’m presently battling with my relationship and the reason is because I expressed myself the best way I could and the man decided to quit because he felt I didn’t have any right to act upon his decision not to talk to me for as long as he wants. What he called my reaction was PRIDE.
He didn’t pick my calls for more than a week after the argument of who called first or not came up. I decided to pick my things from his place to leave for my house since I came for a visit and said I was tired of him always keeping malice with me on trivial issues that can be overlooked and using my messages with my ex against me. He had access to my phone .
That same day I called him back to apologize and told him I was just not happy with him not being able to talk to him and all. He said it was too late that I have used my hands to move my things from his house. And I told him that he caused it, his response was,” I can react the way I want and I determine when I am good to settle! ” That really got to me and this makes it the 3rd week I have been calling and sending text to make up but he’s not responding and he gives all sort of excuses, the excuses that weren’t there before, the same work he’s doing that he suddenly gets too busy with. Am I to be blamed?