February 19, 2017

We have robbed 35 people-ATM-aboding robber

 The members of a robbery syndicate have been arrested after luck ran out on them in a bid to arrest a lady in the early hours of the morning.

The robber who claims to sleep near an ATM machine, on interrogation confessed that he has been in the crime for about two years, says he sleeps close to the machine to rob unsuspecting victims as soon as they withdraw money.
Luck failed them when the robbery attempt was botched and 28- year old Samson Baba Ramadan managed to escape, but 35 year old Gbenga Babatunde was not so lucky. He was caught, and various ATM cards were recovered from him by security operatives patrolling the area.

 ‘We have robbed over 35 people’, he confessed.

We have robbed 35 people-ATM-aboding robber


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