Vieira: Arsenal disappointed me by not offering manager job

Vieira: Arsenal disappointed me by not offering manager job

Former Arsenal strongman, Patrick Vieira, says the English club didn’t do him well by not offering him a chance to coach any of its smaller teams or even an assistant manager role behind Arsene Wenger.

Viera who was employed by Manchester City to manage their New York City FC partner club said during his unveiling press conference,

“It’s true that after spending nine years at Arsenal, it’s the club of my heart – the one where I played my best football – I would have liked if the door was more open to me or other players who spent time there and who would have wanted to learn their career as a coach.

“Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I was lucky to arrive at Manchester City at the right moment, but it’s true that it leaves a little disappointment with regards to Arsenal.

“I don’t think that [myself, Thierry Henry or others] have the ambition to claim the spotlight at Arsenal, because it’s not possible. Things must be done naturally.

“I don’t know the demands of everyone, but in my case I just expected a call to ask me if I would go and learn my craft at Arsenal – without taking the place of the U21 or U19 coach, because they are good at their job.

“I’ve never spoken [with Wenger]. At the same time, he does want he wants.”