“Someone Told My Girlfriend This About Me, You Wont Believe What They Said”
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December 30, 2016

“Someone Told My Girlfriend This About Me, You Wont Believe What They Said”

"Someone Told My Girlfriend This About Me, You Wont Believe What They Said"

From a male blog reader:

I will make this short and brief. Am dating this very beautiful lady but we decided to keep it to our selves until we are sure of what we really have is genuine and also because we are family friends, and we know our family members might not approve of it. So few weeks back, i needed money for something urgent about 10k, and she offered to lend me part of it, about 4k actually, i didnt wnt to collect it actually because i avoid collecting money from people especially ladies, but i did because i saw how much she intended to assist me. I told a friend about her gesture and how happy i was to have a lady willing to assist me in any little way she can when the matter arises. Now lets Fast forward to today, she deleted alll her messages from my phone, when i pressured her on why she did that, she eventually opened up and told me that a female friend of hers told her that another female friend (mind you i dont any of the two ladies) told her that i have been going around telling people that she is forcing herself on me and i am only using her as a maga for when i need money, that she even gave me 4k last time and that i will soon travel and abadon her. Meehhnnnn, you cant imagine my shock, i know she believed it because of 2 facts mentioned, the one of the actual amount she gave me and the fact that i am actually preparing to travel. I have denied it and apologised about the situation, but i feel that is not enough, because i dont how far this rumour has spread already. I love this girl, and i will never say anything like that about her. The painful part is that is it 4k that will make me tag her as a maga? I mean i make enough money in my job, and i have spent more than that on us. Right now, i am confused on how to address this issue. What should i do please?


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