Ronaldo: I'm not afraid of €150 million tax fraud case

Ronaldo: I'm not afraid of €150 million tax fraud case

Cristiano Ronaldo has responded to reports that authorities uncovered evidence of massive tax evasion by the Real Madrid striker.

Ronaldo is alleged have hidden millions of euros in tax havens in offshore banks and shady companies. It is said he stored €150 million from image rights in bank accounts opened in the British Virgin Islands.

However, when presented with the question by journalists on Thursday, the 31-year-old responded,

“You believe I am worried? He who owes nothing, fears nothing.”

Ronaldo walked away from reporters after making the statement.

On Wednesday December 7, Real Madrid issued a statement in defense of the Portuguese player saying,

“Real Madrid demand the maximum respect for a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, whose behaviour has been exemplary during his entire time at our club.”