Return Rolex you stole from me, man cries out to girl he met on Facebook
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November 10, 2016

Return Rolex you stole from me, man cries out to girl he met on Facebook

From a male blog reader:

Please keep my identity I met this girl a few weeks back and since then we have been talking and she seem like a nice girl..but I was worried about her background where she take her pictures always club and I asked her why is it that you always take pictures at the club she skipped the question and I didn’t bother to ask again because she seem like the reserve type..well fast coward to the part I invited her over, before she agreed to come over she said she was broke and I should make her coming over worth it..I told her that I would make her happy before she leaves..I still didn’t get the message she was trying to pass because I don’t really do “olosho” she came over and we went out had a nice time and came back to the hotel YES we had sex and when she was leaving I gave her 50k…After a few hours she was gone I was looking for my rolex bracelet and my $300 cologne..since then I have been calling her she wouldn’t tale my calls or even reply my message please help me beg her to just return the rolex bracelet she can keep the cologne and the money but please let her just return my rolex bracelet her instagram name @_mzbridgie and her Facebook name is bridget Nelson. .Please return my rolex bracelet!


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