Pregnant Woman With “Coke And Fanta” Body Comes After Critics

Pregnant Woman With "Coke And Fanta" Body Comes After Critics 

The photos of expectant mother Ella Mo’ Adenugba went viral today after social media users pointed out the different shades of her legs, face, hands and tummy; with someone going as far as calling her “Coke and Fanta” body.

Ella is now out in blast mode to face her critics..

She shared this moments ago on Instagram:

Pregnant Woman With "Coke And Fanta" Body Comes After Critics
For those using Opera Mini and can’t view the picture, here’s what she wrote:
ellasucre: So my attention has been brought to some retarded comments over this God giving bump and my beautiful picture. It beats my imagination that some people come to social media to take out their frustrations but my dear you cannot come to my page and be mad when Yaba left is needing more candidates. Oh her tommy is so black ewww! Isit ur husband sperm That is inside? Is it ur daddy’s or u brother? So why are u angry for me? And I can bet that yansh have mega craw-craw and the pimples on ur face are bigger than beans! I love my pregnancy pigmentation! At least I don’t have stretch marks or dark necks and my husband loves it that way! Is it my fault that u don’t have an husband?cant u pray that God atleast find u a deaf or a dumb man so u can atleast wear a Mrs on ur name? Or U think this pics is private and for her husband alone! How private is ur punani please??? Axe urself!!! It’s my page! My skin! And I’m comfortable in my skin! I wouldn’t even edit or photoshop my tommy because I want to please someone like u who haven’t even eaten morning food? Let me stop here mbok! Me and my black tommy just touched down Germany!