Please help! Why is he treating me like this?
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January 19, 2017

Please help! Why is he treating me like this?

From a female blog reader:

I’m 24years old.My story is kinda much but I will try to make it short. My boyfriend of 3years suddenly stopped talking to me because of a very lame reason (he saw a quoted picture on bbm and thought I was referring to him). I begged this guy for a whole month trying to explain myself to him ,I even begged for something I didnt do,but he ignored everything,so I left after begging with no response. I know he loves me very much and we were really cool,we had issues eg about his ex or we not having sex which we always settled . He even introduced me to his parents and all of that. Now it’s been 8months since we talked. So two days ago,i texted him and greeted him and to my surprise he replied and I asked him why he acted that way ,and he said he can’t remember and he has forgotten. So I asked him that with everything that has happened does it mean a break up and his reply was ”smh”. Please can someone explain this ,cause he didn’t reply any further until I asked if we could start all over even if its as friends and his reply was “‘we are cool na ” and the way he spoke to me was like I was nothing to him.i told him that he really hurt me and he said ”sorry tho”..That even hurts more.. I’m still a virgin tho ,so it wasn’t a hit and run stuff,tho we kissed and stuff. Please i need your advice.. He’s messing with my head. No insults please


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