“Please help! Which of my suitors should I follow?”

"Please help! Which of my suitors should I follow?"

From a female blog reader (apologies for the grammar)

 Am 23years old,a fresh graduate,currently working as a waitress in a lounge,I and my bf Hv been togeda for four years now,we started dating when I entered as a fresher nd he was in his final years,we fell in love nd we were inseparable, he is from delta state nd am a yoruba girl but dat wasn’t a barrier to us,we were crazy about each oda,no secret btw us,tins got serious btw us so much dat he stays at my house atimes wen am in school nd spend days with my mum nd two younger sisters(my dad is late).Early last year he told me his intension of leaving dis country nd I told my mom,with no delay she took us to her friend dat can help,i supported him spiritually, mentally, my mom with little money she has,tho his parent paid for most of his expenses nd dat was all dey did,i remember goin on a three days dry fast with no water or food for him when d US embassy denied him d third time nd at last he was granted,left Nigeria late last year,i took in for him b4 he left cos he wanted an assurance I will wait for him even wen my mum warned me severally not to cos she knew we could do tins like dat,I listen to him ova my mum just to tell u Hw important he is to me b4 any1,he left Nigeria with me still carrying his child,his parents got do mad wen dey heard I was pregnant but let tins slide Afta a while,my mom was not mad even wen I tot she would,she visited me in school often to help me cos I was in my finals. Afta a month I had a miscarriage…….more like pre-mature birth, I Hv birth to my child 5month the d baby didn’t survive it, it was a boy,i cried like hell,my in laws heard and dey come 2 my house nd his mum was shouting on top of her voice dat my mum took me for abortions nd dat her son won’t marry me,my mum changed her mind too nd told me she doesn’t want me to marry him anymore but sat didn’t stop us from talking to eachoda.Afta some month he put up different pictures if girls on his Facebook page,IG page with different captions like ‘U make me smile’ nd all dat which he hasn’t done for me since d first month he got to US,i cried, fight nd tell him he is hurting me,he blocked me off his social medias nd each time I call him he is either sleeping or busy,

I wanted to do my clearance nd I remember asking for a little assistance from him, he told he he doesn’t Hv nd d very following week he got a car which he flaunt online,even learnt he got a parcel of land. I got d job of a waitress Afta I left school not to b idle nd assist d family,den I met dis guy who just came back from United States, a 26year old computer engineer, I told him I had a bf cos I love him but dat didn’t stop me he spend money on me without giving it a second tot nd lavish gift items on me,tins too expensive for a waitress, he kept talking about having a baby,starting a family, meeting my mom, meeting his mom (am not dating him) nd now my boyfriend want to reconcile, he apologised nd told me he has broken up with all dos girls nd dat he wanted me back,dat he was doing everytin for me,he now calls like every hour of d day but my mom,sisters nd friends Kip telling him to leave him alone nd go for dis guy I met where I work but my heart is still with my bf, I still love him very much,wat should I do? pls help me post urgently I nid advice